About Kelsey Park

Association dues began for the calendar year 2014 and are currently $300.00/year for a single-family lot with a completed residence (as of the first day of the year) and $100.00/year for developed single-family lots without a completed residence.

At this time, there are no plans to have a community swimming pool at Kelsey Park. We currently expect to sell one of the commercial sites at Kelsey Park to a health club operator which will include a swimming pool as part of its facilities.

At this time, there are no plans for any playground equipment in the park, only open grassed areas and a walking trail.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Lubbock-Cooper ISD is to build the future one student at a time. To accomplish this vision for our children’s future, the Lubbock-Cooper schools, parents, and community will join together in a partnership designed to produce a safe and orderly learning environment within which academic excellence may flourish.

Vision Statement

The vision of Lubbock-Cooper ISD is to ensure that all students graduating from our school system will possess the academic, technological, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the challenging world they will enter. As a result, the District has set annual goals to focus efforts toward meeting this challenge.

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