Dan Wilson Homes Building Process

The Dan Wilson Homes Process has as its primary objective creating the most enjoyable home building experience possible. With that end in mind, our process begins with a conversation – getting to know you and understand your needs to ensure we get it right the first time. Our owners become our friends and together we engage in a 9 point process – a road map that leads us to the home of your dreams.

Building Process

Step 1

Site Selection

The size of home that you dream of, whether you want to view sunrises or sunsets from your patio and the school district or community that feels like home to you all drive the selection of your site. The Dan Wilson team will guide you through this critically important first step of your process.

Step 2

Design Process

Your dreams take shape as our architects create artful renderings of the decisions we have discussed regarding the size, shape and specific needs of your new home.

Step 3


Our guarantee of quality craftsmanship at every price point guides our conversations at this phase of the process. With exquisite attention to detail and with your budget in mind, we consider every aspect of your investment for the classic beauty that you crave and the cost that is comfortable for you.

Step 4

The Contract

We arrive together at this phase of the process only when you are supremely confident that Dan and his team understand the home that is about to take shape. Our conversations and commitment have guided us to this point and will continue to shape the rest of the process.

Step 5

Construction Phase

Your home is built under the watchful eye of our team of renowned contractors and specialists in every aspect of homebuilding. We invite and encourage you to keep a watchful eye on this phase of the process and to be as engaged in the building process as you would like. There is nothing like watching your dream home become a reality so visit the site! If this house is being built for a family, we want your children to put their handprints in the concrete or learn to lay a brick on your exterior walls.

Step 6

The Process

While we are building, you are meeting with our interior designer to select every detail of your new home. Your personalized “Blue Binder” will guide you through this selection phase with detailed information on all of our vendors, a detailed timeline and more. If we have done our job properly to this point, the selection phase should be both fun and fulfilling.

Step 7

Home Orientation

We love the process of helping you get to know your new home during our new home orientation. One element of your new home that we are certain will delight you is our commitment to energy efficiency, both in the heating and cooling units installed as well as the top grade materials and insulation that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Discover the details like these that make your Dan Wilson home so unique.

Step 8

Final Audit

Hand in hand with new home orientation is a detailed audit of exactly where every dollar has been invested in the building of this home. We are open and honest about cost throughout our process and there will be no surprises as we review expenditures.

Step 9

Home Warranty

We built it and we guarantee it. In addition to our new home warranty that guarantees 10 years on the structure itself and one year on all parts and appliances inside your home, we ask our new homeowners to keep a punchlist of any detail we might have missed. After 30 days of you living in your new home, we will schedule a work day to address these issues, no matter how big or how small.

Quality Workmanship At Every Price

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